Yes!!! You can post using compose feature in Edit My Info Social, also you can schedule the post as per your convenient time.
Edit My Info Social discovery Quick Search lists topics trending as created by Twitter using an algorithm that identifies immediately popular topics, based on a user’s location and who they follow.
The Activity Facebook Page reports shows recent activity on the Page. Recent activity includes new posts, new comments on old posts, no of likes, no of shares and also you can export the data of all the post according to the date wise into a CSV file.
No, all the features are enabled for all the plans, it is restrained with no of profiles.
Third-party apps or websites (such as Edit My Info Social) are prevented from integrating with your Facebook account if Platform is turned off in Facebook. Platform is a Facebook authentication feature that boosts security and site integrity.
Solution: Go to Setting ->Apps -> Click on edit -> Enable Platform
When a scheduled message is edited in the Publisher section of the dashboard, the edit will apply to all the social networks publishing the message. However, when a message is edited from the socioqueue section of the dashboard, in a Scheduled Messages for example, this will only change the message being published to that social network.
Tick all the check box to the groups you need to post, and look to top right corner for a downward arrow button, click on it and you are good to go.
It’s an open source.
No, but you can customize and edit it for your usage. If you are looking to create your own marketing software using Edit My Info Social Pro, please contact us for enterprise license and pricing.
We provide you an installation guide in download section, we host on your own cloud and we assist you if any pro and cons.
Please fill the form below, use the chat widget or contact us through support@sociobaord.com
We have discovery section which solves you all the issues in a single click
Through Edit My Info Social you can manage all your social profiles at a place and we got scheduling features to reduce your work load and get you free, where you can enrich your business keeping your audience busy all the while and converts leads into sales and so on
Yes, if you want a colleague to have access your Analytics and Social profiles then it can be accessed through User and Groups under that find for Invite Team Member and put his respective E-mail ID
Click on the “Profile Image” section in the top right corner of the dashboard, then click on settings to update your billing information.
There are three types of error messages for adding a new page:
Non-existing URL: Check for typos and make sure the page exists.
Profile: You are attempting to add a personal profile instead of a fan page.
Targeted fan page: This is a fan page with regional restrictions. Contact us at support@socioboard.com for further instructions.
This is a Twitter/Facebook feature. We start acquiring data about a Twitter Profile at the moment the first person ever wanted to monitor it. If you are the first one to monitor that specific profile, there will only be data available since the day you added it to your dashboard.
Yes. Every user with access to your group account will see the same data and graphs. The only exception is that labels in the dashboard are user specific.
Gmail and Outlook have changed their policies, and most of the times it depends on your setting on your account in this case mails will be directed to Spam folder
No, it is not possible to post-edit published content in the platform due to Facebook's API. Facebook's API only allows the creation and deletion of posts.